Idaho has decided to let hunters, farmers, and ranchers cull or harvest a set number of wolves for a period of time. The reason I am writing about it is because recently, a wacko leftist group from the NE (Conn.) decided the best solution to the problem was to boycott Idaho potatoes. (Hahahahahaha, say what?) Are you people for real?

How is boycotting Idaho potatoes going to send a strong “protest” message? Seriously?

My suggestion for a more fitting and proper protest would be for anyone against the cull season on wolves to become human “shields”. I would seriously make a sweet donation for that. The downside and kicker to this form of protest is: 1) you have to be out there with the wolves, in advance of the hunters, and 2) if the hunters don’t kill you, the wolves surely will. Sure, call my idea dumb, but then again, think about the intelligence in the potato boycott. I think my suggestion has more weight, to be honest.

Any “Lefty” who hasn’t danced with wolves probably has no idea as to the scope and danger of having an over-population of wolves. Since their release in northern Idaho, on the Nez Perce reservation, wolf encroachment has seen an increasing number of elk killed for sport, lost pets, and attacks on humans on their own property. Ranchers and farmers are losing livestock. Lefties say, “Deal with it.” I say, grow a brain.

Wolves kill. They aren’t the cute cuddly things you see on wall art or photographs, up close. Up close, they tower over a 6 foot man, standing on their hind legs. Up close, 3 or 4 wolves will be nearby and involved in the hunt. Up close, you wouldn’t stand a chance against these predators. Grow a brain, lefties. If you can’t do that, then form a human shield. Surely the wolves will appreciate it, up close.